Corona F.A.Q.

To my 2020 couples

I offer the following support free of charge:

Status updates

I have weekly contacts with the locations to exchange the updates about the taken measures.

You receive updates about the situation in Italy.

Move the wedding to 2021

I understand that it is not easy to take such a decision but it is the best you can do so far. 

If you decide to postpone your wedding to 2021, I will take care to find out the best options together with the location.

It might be that your date is already taken (before the Corona outbreak), therefore you will be provided with few other options in the same month/period.

It is possible to change month according with locations plans. 

Most of the locations are blocking the same dates/weekends 2021 of the weddings of this year: if you had your wedding planned on Thu 10 Sep 2020, the location blocks Thu 9 Sep 2021.

Agreement for new dates on 2021

When the dates is found, a new agreement will be issued and it needs to be signed. The deposit paid till now are valid.

Rarely an adjustment of the accommodation costs can be made.  


The new dates will be communicate to all the vendors involved. 

Municipality costs

If the ceremony was official (civil), I contact the municipality in order to communicate the cancellation of the wedding on 2020. 

The municipality returns the costs within the end of the year.

Another requests for 2021 should be done. 

Cancel the wedding

This is of course an option if you have planned only the accommodation. 

You will receive a voucher with the amount of your deposit valid for 12 months from the wedding day.

You can use the voucher to organize a smaller event or another type of event.

If you have vendors already involved, I will go through their contracts and their Terms&Conditions.



The agreement with Italy Wedding is frozen.

All the payment schedules have changed in accordance with the new wedding dates.

If you decide to cancel the wedding the agreement stops without any costs.


To my new couples

I offer special facilities to help you in your wedding organization:

Wedding organization

Your wedding will be organized with the same commitment as usual. Something has positively changed though and I hope it will be appreciated.  

Read how I decided to work from now on (till the corona will be around us ...) to help you as much as possible to organize your weddings.  

Know each other

I used to to meet the couples in person. It was nice to ride through The Netherlands, take a cup of coffee and get to know each other. 

At the moment, this is not possible BUT we do via WhatsApp or Skype call. 

As soon as we will be able to meet again, we'll plan a meeting.

Locations virtual view

This is the most important thing: the feeling about the wedding venue.

I start with a presentation of few locations: just few photos and the starting costs. If you are interested in them, I will introduce you - when possible - to the contact person of the location and we plan together a virtual tour via WhatsApp.



I create a tailor-made proposal with the services I can offer you.

The first deposit - 30% non-refundable - will be paid when you sign the contract.

The payment schema has changed: the second deposit will be made 1 month before the wedding date. The balance 7 days before.

Also the cancellation policy has changed giving you shorter terms for cancellation.

Special offers

I'm busy with locations in my portfolio in order to create special offers.

Keep watching these screens!  


I kindly recommend to start organising your wedding in advance. 

Most of the weddings from 2020 are postponed to 2021. 

That doesn't mean that there won't be room for you but if you really want to get married in Italy on 2021, please start looking for a venue as soon as possible.


If you don't have a preferred wedding date, think about the possibility to get married April/May and October in Tuscany, Umbria, Marche and South Italy. 

You will be impressed!   


Many locations I work with love to organize a midweek wedding.

Ask for midweek proposals with special prices! 


Get in touch

Find out how I can help you in planning, organising and managing your perfect day, contact me today.

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